(Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Commissioning


ZYTECH SOLAR US and MEX as an EPC contractor meeting all investor and lender requirements

In the field of EPC, we meet our strict quality standards to ensure highest performance in execution and construction of the project as well as pricing to fulfil the planned project calculations. 

Our international partners and suppliers support us dealing with all technical details, planning and procuring the system components, from Zytech modules to Acronimus and Trinity mounting structures and inverters. 

With its engineering team, Zytech makes sure that the plant is constructed according to comprehensive quality management practices, as well as extensive site documentation requirements for a secure technical operation. 

Finally, starting, running and testing the installation in order to comply with all performance requirements and agreed deadlines for commissioning. 


An overview of our services in project implementation:

    • Comprehensive quality management
    • Detailed Engineering and final designing
    • Topographical and geotechnical surveys done by reputable specialists
    • Civil works, Flood and drainage studies
    • EPC and O&M contracts
    • Detailed technical planning
    • Procurement of key components (modules, mounting structure, inverters, transformers, switchgears, junction boxes, etc.) from selected tier-one suppliers
    • Project and site management
    • Construction and subcontracting management
    • Cash flow management
    • Contract management
    • Risk management 
    • Commissioning 
    • Insurance of EPC bankability